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New from Pew: Women in STEM jobs experience high levels of inequality at work

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A new report from the Pew Research Center provides data, much of it disturbing, about the experiences of  women in the STEM workforce – including discrimination and hostility. Women who work in male-majority workplaces seem to experience the highest levels of discrimination (78%) in comparison with women who work in a mixed-gender workplace (44%).

The report also details information about the widely varying representation of women in STEM-related occupations. For example, in the 74 standard occupations classified as STEM in this study, women make up 7% of sales engineers, 8% of mechanical engineers, 95% of dental hygienists, and 96% of speech-language pathologists. The amount of women in computer occupations has actually decreased since 1990 – from 32% then to 25% today.

To view the report in full, please visit the Pew Research Center.

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