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Report: Equity and Inclusion STEM Thought Leaders' Summit

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This recently published report reflects the proceedings, presentations, and takeaways from the first ever Equity and Inclusion STEM Thought Leaders' Summit held in October 2018. This summit was funded through the ATE grant the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) received from the NSF and included a steering committee representing ATE projects and centers, in addition to AACC-affiliated councils. 

The summit entailed a series of workshop sessions revolving around a variety of issues concerning STEM education and the ATE program: equity gaps; recruitment and retainment strategies for underrepresented populations; and professional development, to name a few.

Summit sessions were attended by faculty and administrator teams from 15 colleges all new to the ATE program. The sessions were designed to be highly engaging, drawing feedback and insight from community college educators and leaders about these pertinent issues. 

Read the full report to learn more about the summit, in addition to projects and centers (including ATE Central) that were highlighted for ongoing support within the ATE Community. 

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