Upcoming Application Deadline for FORCCE-ATE Grant Development and Mentoring Program

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FORCCE-ATE logo: A force for cyber good

The FORCCE-ATE Faculty Development and Mentoring-Coaching program is designed to educate participating community college teams about the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program, to empower them to write competitive grant proposals, and to mentor/coach them through the otherwise daunting writing process. 

For community college educators, FORCCE-ATE can help with preparation for submitting NSF ATE grant proposals to improve cybersecurity education programs. FORCCE-ATE includes many areas of cybersecurity and computing education, such as information technology, computer science, digital forensics, Cloud, IoT, data science, bioinformatics, AI/machine learning, and others. 

Members of the ATE community interested in the program should apply before April 15.

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