NSF Grantee Launches Electric Vehicle Training Program

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NSF grantee, Northwest Engineering and Vehicle Technology Exchange (NEVTEX) has helped fund a newly launched, comprehensive training standards-based - commercialized International Electric Vehicle (EV) training program.

The training program, called EVPRO+, provides technicians, service advisors, instructors, students, engineers, managers, and other automotive professionals with a comprehensive blended learning training program and resources supporting electric, hybrid, plug-in, and other EV technology systems.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Online training courses with quizzes
  • Searchable and time-stamped closed captioning
  • Interactive and searchable course material flip books
  • Optional certification for EV Certification

NEVTEX partnered with FutureTech Auto, an aftermarket automotive aftermarket distributor of EV Systems, to create the training program. Read more information about the program on EVPRO+'s website

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