ATE Project’s Work and Impacts Featured on InnovATEBIO

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Building on work done under two awards from NSF’s ATE program, the ATE project A Collaborative Approach to Work-Based Learning in Biotechnology: Building Inclusive Lab Environments, was recently featured on InnovATEBIO's blog. This post highlights their new Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training series, which aims to help life science labs and organizations build inclusive management practices and workplaces. The training focused on teaching current and future industry professionals best practices for training, managing, and supporting interns and employees of diverse backgrounds. Participants averaged four workshops each, with 100% of respondents agreeing that "The workshop was a good use of my time."

To learn more about the training series, including series module materials and details, visit InnovATEBIO's blog.

To learn more about other newly funded centers and projects, check out the fact sheet information on the ATE Central site to explore the full range of currently funded projects and centers. 

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