Spaces Open: Inclusive Research Mentor/Manager Course

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The NSF-funded Fall 2022 Inclusive Research Mentor-Manager Training has spaces for approximately 10 community college faculty (including administrators or staff) and approximately 5 spots for community college alumni who are now managers in biotech. 

The training is free and modules begin tomorrow, October 11th. The training is designed to teach current and future science professionals how to efficiently and effectively train, performance manage, and support interns and employees of diverse backgrounds in an effort to foster inclusive, high-functioning working relationships. 

The creators of the training, the University of California at San Francisco, City College of San Francisco, and the CLS Racial & Social Equity Initiative, believe community college faculty that run/coordinate work-based learning programs (internships, apprenticeships, etc) would be the best fit to attend these workshops to determine if the training and frameworks are a good fit for their program's mentor-supervisors.

Currently, the training has 222 registrants, including 140 scientists from academia and over 70 scientists from 48 biotech companies. Register for tomorrow's training and check out upcoming training modules on their website

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