Upcoming Forum: Florida Forum for Engineering Technology (Virtual)

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Register now for the virtual Fall 2022 Engineering Technology Forum on November 10th and 18th! Hosted by the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE), this forum will bring together diverse Florida colleges with similar interests. 

The Florida Forum on Engineering Technology (E.T. Forum) is an important vehicle to bring together colleges with common issues and challenges. The Forum is a semiannual 2-day meeting of community college engineering technologies faculty in Florida. FLATE utilizes the Forum to strengthen its Technology Consortium; share its activities and projects; provide professional development; bring industry and academics together; engage faculty and administrators in statewide curriculum reform; and keep in touch with new and ongoing college program issues and concerns.

Check out the ATE Central Twitter for up to date event announcements. You can learn more about FLATE programs and the E.T. Forum on the FLATE website, and register for the forum here

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