Higher Ed News Round Up: ChatGPT

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Community colleges and universities currently grapple with declining enrollments and soaring costs, among other issues. The latest item of concern is the surge of AI in educational settings, which has set off a frenzy of opinion pieces. ATE Central has round up several recent news sources regarding the use of AI in the classroom, in favor or against. 

In favor of a nuanced use of AI for the Atlantic, Ian Bogost writes that "ChatGPT isn’t a step along the path to an artificial general intelligence that understands all human knowledge and texts; it’s merely an instrument for playing with all that knowledge and all those texts... [AI apps] are surely not going to replace college or magazines or middle managers. But they do offer those and other domains a new instrument—that’s really the right word for it—with which to play with an unfathomable quantity of textual material."

An NPR article offers a look at how educators are viewing AI apps in the classroom from essays to homework. Another piece from Mind Matters expresses discontent on how easily technology makes writing work and homework now. 

Finally, the New York Times writes about the impact of AI on campuses. An op-ed from them shows the use of AI in various fields such as programming. "Can you create a web app using HTML, CSS and Javascript that has a form that takes in a stock ticker symbol for a company and then on form submission displays the stock market performance of that particular company?” ChatGPT did that and more. The code wasn’t perfect — there was a bug somewhere — but Fleagle said, “As you can see, I just saved myself, like, a lot of time.”"

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