New Report: National Institute for Innovation and Technology Competency-Based Apprenticeships

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CareerOneStop, an online portal for career resources and training, has released a new report titled "SemiNano: Bridging the Gap between Industry and Education." The report highlights the success of the SemiNano project, which aims to address the skills gap between the semiconductor industry and education.

According to the report, SemiNano has developed a competency-based education model that aligns with industry standards and provides students with hands-on training in semiconductor manufacturing. The program has partnered with industry leaders to provide students with real-world experience and prepare them for careers in the field. 

The report features case studies from several community colleges and universities that have implemented the SemiNano model. These institutions have seen significant improvements in student outcomes, including higher job placement rates and increased student engagement.

The SemiNano project has received funding from the National Science Foundation and has already impacted hundreds of students across the country. With the demand for skilled workers in the semiconductor industry on the rise, the success of this program serves as a promising example of how industry and education can collaborate to address the skills gap and prepare the next generation of workers.

Read the full report on the Career One Stop webpage.

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