NSF Podcast Aims to Broaden STEM Participation

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The Includes Network, a NSF nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, has launched a new podcast series. The series features conversations with thought leaders, activists, and experts who are working to create a more inclusive world.

The podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and more. Each episode provides listeners with insights and strategies for creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

In the first episode, host Dr. Elle Alison talks with Dr. Beverly Tatum, a renowned psychologist and author of the book "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?" They discuss the importance of racial identity development and how it relates to creating a more inclusive workplace.

In another episode, Dr. Alison speaks with disability rights activist Judy Heumann about the challenges faced by people with disabilities in the workplace and how employers can create more accessible and inclusive environments.

Other guests include sociologist Dr. Adia Harvey Wingfield, who talks about the experiences of Black professionals in predominantly white workplaces, and LGBTQ+ advocate and writer Alok Vaid-Menon, who discusses the intersections of gender, sexuality, and race.

Listeners can tune in to the Includes Network podcast series on NSF's website or on major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. The podcasts offer valuable insights and practical advice for anyone looking to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

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