Biden-⁠Harris Administration Announces National Cyber Workforce Strategy

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The Biden-Harris Administration has unveiled a comprehensive strategy aimed at bolstering America's cyber workforce and education initiatives. The initiative, known as the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy, aims to harness and develop the nation's cyber talent to address growing cybersecurity challenges.

This strategy recognizes the increasing importance of cybersecurity in an interconnected world and seeks to address the critical shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. It emphasizes the need for collaborative efforts between government agencies, educational institutions, and the private sector to promote cybersecurity education and training.

The National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy by the Biden-Harris Administration has four key objectives:

1. Foundational Cyber Skills for All: Provide basic cyber skills to all Americans, promoting their use and global progress in this area.

2. Transforming Cyber Education: Enhance cyber education from K-12 to higher education, making it more affordable and competency-based while investing in educators.

3. Expanding the National Cyber Workforce: Grow the cyber workforce through collaboration, skills-based hiring, and diversity promotion, including underserved groups.

4. Strengthening the Federal Cyber Workforce: Improve federal cybersecurity careers by enhancing hiring, career pathways, and human resources capabilities.

These efforts aim to equip individuals with cyber skills, prepare them for future tech demands, and bolster the nation's cybersecurity workforce. By investing in these areas, the administration hopes to strengthen the nation's cyber defenses and ensure a robust talent pipeline to protect against cyber threats.

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