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Build Your Own Customized Recruitment Video Tool Ready For Educators to Use

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Creating high quality videos to recruit students for advanced technology careers while showcasing particular college programs is much easier with the new Build Your Own Customized Recruitment Video Tool (BYO Video Tool).

An innovative Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program collaboration is providing all of ATETV's video footage, including uncut interviews with students, employers, and educators, in a vast keyword-searchable database accessible on, a website provided by the South Carolina Advanced Technological Education (SC ATE) National Resource Center for Expanding Excellence in Technician Education.

The BYO Video Tool is easy to navigate and free to all users thanks to the National Science Foundation's ATE grant support. Pellet Productions produces ATETV videos that inform viewers in English and Spanish about educational pathways and career opportunities in advanced technology fields. The BYO Video Tool and instructions reside on, where SC ATE also provides an online matching service that proactively links STEM educators with ATE-funded professional development opportunities and other STEM education resources.

Educators who complete the free registration for the BYO Video Tool can combine snippets of ATETV video with their college's content by using YouTube Video Editor software.

Educators who complete the free registration for the BYO Video Tool can combine snippets of ATETV video with their college's content by using YouTube Video Editor software.

The BYO Video Tool and instructions reside on

The BYO Video Tool and instructions reside on

"The Key is the Micro-content"

SC ATE launched the BYO Video Tool on July 22. It received strong, positive reactions from educators during the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) in Pittsburgh from July 25 to 28.

“We are committed to producing educational video that improves the lives of others,” said Anthony Manupelli, a producer-director at Pellet Productions and principal investigator of ATETV. 

"The key is the micro-content,” Manupelli said of the unique aspect of the project that makes it possible for educators to tailor high quality recruitment videos for particular audiences without concerns about copyright infringement or production costs. 

ATETV Producer Mary Ellen Gardiner explained that Pellet Productions has cast a wide net to capture comprehensive and authentic information about technician education and related STEM education topics. The filmmakers have gone to students' homes, classrooms, workplaces, and ATE industry partners' facilities. ATETV was formally launched in 2008 and that is where the footage for the Build Your Own Video library populates.

"We have a lot of really great stories," Gardiner said, adding, “All the great things going on in community colleges, we have captured in video.”

After registering through the Build Your Own Video tab on, the ATETV archive can be accessed and searched by topic, such as dual enrollment or internships; by technical field, such as biotechnology and wind energy; and academic discipline, such as math and chemistry; and by geographic location, such as city or college.

Technical Support for BYO Video Tool Users

Technical support for users of the BYO Video Tool begins with an instructional video on It shows how to combine snippets of ATETV video using YouTube Video Editor software.

SC ATE Executive Director Elaine Craft encouraged the educators at HI-TEC to combine ATETV footage with their own college-specific content for particular audiences and to add college and program-specific branding.

The digital archive also includes music and other effects that add polished touches to the finished videos.

Tynisha Ferguson, SC ATE communication and technology specialist, will provide technical support as the help desk assistant.

Emery DeWitt, SC ATE project manager, asked users to make Ferguson aware of any technical issues they encounter so they can be corrected and the tool improved. Pellet Productions plans to create more tutorials to address challenges identified by multiple users.

"We want you to share it with everybody," DeWitt said of the BYO Customized Recruitment Video Tool. And, she said, the SC ATE team and Pellet Productions want feedback. “We are very interested in finding out how it turns out.”

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