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5 Community College Resources You Should Be Sure to Bookmark

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At ATE Central, part of our goal is to help community members stay current with educational news, facts, and figures. Below is a selection of five resources we felt were worth a closer look. Whether you are looking for material to help as you write up a report, create an informative presentation, or if you just want to stay up-to-date about news, events, and opportunities central to community and technical college education, we hope you find this list helpful.

American Association of Community Colleges: DataPoints

From the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), DataPoints are a collection of printable snapshots on a range of topics, including degree completion rates, enrollment trends, student attitudes, and projected demographics of high school graduates over the next fifteen years. For instance, one recently published snapshot reveals how well students felt their experience in higher education prepared them for the workforce. Another DataPoint provides information about student completion rates for remedial coursework. Easy to read and attractively presented, these DataPoints offer a helpful resource for use in meetings, presentations, or even grant applications.

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College Board: Community College Resources and Publications

The College Board has gathered together an impressive array of resources related to the benefits and challenges of community college education. Here readers will find Information for Students and Parents, such as an article that explains "Why Community College?" or a two-page PDF that discusses "Six Benefits of Community College." A section also highlights some Online College Planning Tools, including the impressive (and free) resource, College Search, which allows users to filter the 3,853 college options based on Test Scores & Selectivity, Type of School, Location, Campus & Housing, and other important considerations. The Publications section boasts more than two dozen downloadable PDFs that highlight critical issues affecting community colleges today, from increasing access to helping advisors assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses.

Inside Higher Ed: Community Colleges

Inside Higher Ed's coverage of community colleges offers an insider's perspective on the trends and developments taking place within two-year colleges across the country. Readers may like to start with the landing page, which usually features a recently published survey, a recently published booklet, community college-related posts from the Inside Higher Ed blog, and popular articles from the archives. Content may also be browsed by Section Topic: Curriculum, Enrollment, Finances, Leadership, and Views.

Community College Research Center: Publications

The Community College Research Center (CCRC) at Columbia University's Teachers College describes itself as "the leading independent authority on the nation's nearly 1,200 two-year colleges." Since 1996, the CCRC has conducted research on these institutions with the aim of aiding policy makers and community college staff alike. These reports may especially be of interest to administrators, grant writers, and community college faculty. On the CCRC's Publications page, visitors can browse these reports by topic, including The Role of Community College, Developmental Education and Adult Basic Skills, Online Education and Instructional Technology, and College to Career and Workforce Education. Within each topic, relevant reports are sorted by date of publication.

Community College Daily

For readers interested in breaking updates on what's new and important in the world of American community colleges, Community College Daily can provide a fresh perspective. A free publication of the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), the periodical offers a wide scope. For instance, readers may like to begin with the In Focus section, which highlights students and programs that are fulfilling the promise of community college education, whether that be by transferring into four-year programs, earning practical certificates, or transitioning into top jobs in nanotechnology or mechatronics. The News Topics section features articles on topics frequently in the headlines, including categories on Campus Issues, Academic Programs, Sustainability, Funding, Government, and Technology.

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