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Accounting for roughly 30 percent of the archived resources stored in the ATE Central resource portal to date, ATE’s engineering-focused projects and centers have long produced a breadth of materials in a variety of high tech industries such as electronics and controls; optics and photonics; materials, marine, or space technologies. Of ATE Central’s archived engineering resources, 83 percent are instructional in nature and well over half are audio or video files. In fact, ATE’s engineering-related projects and centers represent the single largest group of contributors to ATE Central’s audio/video collection. In this month’s From the Archive blog post, we explore some basic engineering curriculum and videos created by the ATE community.  

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Programming Fundamentals: Getting Started with Arduino

Louisiana Delta Community College (LDCC), in collaboration with Louisiana Technology University, are working to “increase engineering technology career pathways for high school students, engage and retain these students through college, and ensure they will be employable upon graduation.” To this end, LDCC has created a series of PowerPoint presentations that introduce students to engineering fundamentals, including this selection of slides on programming in Arduino, an easy-to-use open-source electronics platform.     

For more archived resources by Pathways for Learners to Engineering Technology Employment, visit the ATE Central Archive.

Instructor Resources in Electrical Technology

Ever wonder how a standard clock radio works? Or what a remote control signal looks like as binary code? Technological Education Pathways Partnership (TEPP) offers a collection of teaching elements that provide insight into the basics of digital electronics, microcontrollers, and more. Below are just three of eight TEPP teaching elements available on ATE Central:

  • Take apart a standard clock radio and explore how its components function in this AM/FM Radio Teaching Element. Topics include the primary and secondary voltage of the power supply, the clock function of the device, and the radio receiver function.
  • In this Remote Controller Teaching Element students examine the circuit board and transmitter components in a simple DVD player remote. The activity is intended for digital electronics and telecommunications courses.
  • Light Technology Teaching Element compares different types of light bulbs, including incandescent, LED, and compact fluorescent lamps. Instructions for an experiment with motion sensing light fixture and an Excel spreadsheet containing experimental data are provided.

For more archived resources by Technological Education Pathways Partnership (TEPP), visit the ATE Central Archive.

A Flipped Classroom Approach to Teaching Technical Subjects

From electric motors to hydraulic pumps, calculators to oscilloscopes, this lecture series, presented by Columbia Gorge Community College’s Jim Pytel, is comprised of “online educational resources to support a flipped classroom approach to teaching technical subjects.”  With over 250 video segments available for view via YouTube or for download via ATE Central’s resource portal, students can explore the basics of electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, and motor control in their own time and at their own pace.

For more archived resources by Developing and Deploying Flipped Classroom Resources for Electrical Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, and Renewable Energy Technicians, visit the ATE Central Archive.

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