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With the end of the semester just a few short weeks away, some in the ATE community may already be looking toward summer. Traditionally a time for camps, bridge programs, summer internships, faculty training opportunities, and an assortment of other curricular activities, this year’s programming may still be somewhat different from summers past. Nonetheless, programs are moving forward, whether online or in person, and many aspects–from planning to outreach, registration to evaluation–may well be much the same. 

A group of students and teacher conduct an experiment.

A group of students and teacher conduct an experiment.

In this From the Archive blog post we highlight some of the materials ATE grantees have created and shared with their peers and colleagues in planning, implementing, and evaluating successful summer camp programs. Our first resource looks at best practices for summer STEM camps and offers templates for others to adapt and adopt. Next up we have a paper discussing a youth summer camp at San Jacinto College with tips on creating one’s own camp. Finally, we present a collection of administrative documents that might be of interest to those planning a summer program.

A “How To” Guide to Summer STEM CAMPS

This guide from the Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM), guides educators or STEM professionals "through the process of planning, developing, and offering successful STEM/Robotics Camps for high school students interested in automated manufacturing." This guide outlines camp purposes and goals as well as such administrative tasks as funding the camps, finding a location, getting the equipment needed, and conducting communications. The appendices include document templates and examples, including camp flyers, release forms, participation certificates, and follow-up surveys.

For more archived resources by CARCAM, visit the ATE Central Archive.

Connecting Summer Camps to Career Pathways

This paper, provided by the Southeast Maritime and Transportation (SMART) Center, includes information about the youth summer camps established by San Jacinto College. "These camps for 14-17 year old students were developed not only to raise career awareness, but also to become an on-ramp to their maritime academy high school pathway and beyond." This paper also includes a section for educators interested in duplicating these maritime summer camps. 

For more archived resources by the SMART Center, visit the ATE Central Archive.

Day Camp Agendas, Applications, and Surveys

This collection of documents, offered by the Shaping High-quality Integrated Nebraska Education (SHINE) project, provides a variety of materials used to plan, host, and evaluate an academic day camp for 9th and 10th grade students. Included in the record are sample agendas, applications, residence hall rules and tips, a camp overview, and sample surveys for campers, educators, and business partners.

For more archived resources by Project SHINE, visit the ATE Central Archive.

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