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Berkeley's Educational Podcasts

This site includes a number of video recordings of Berkeley class lectures. Topics include electrical engineering, statistics, computer science, biology, chemistry, and other topics. The videos are free online for anyone to view. The videos vary in length but most are around one hour long.

Radiation Protection

This website is from the US Environmental Protection Agency on Radiation Protection. This website includes links to the Radiation Protection Document Library, Radiation Protection Basics, Regulations, and Radiation Response. 

Phasor Phactory

For the phasor phanatic, created Hsi Chen Lee of Johns Hopkins University, an applet that offers 4 ways to generate and observe continuous-time harmonic phasor sums and the corresponding fourier series.

Fourier Series Approximation

This site includes a Java applet that displays Fourier series approximations and corresponding magnitude and phase spectra of a periodic continuous-time signal. Select from provided signals, or draw a signal with the mouse.

Careers in Math

This 32-page resource from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics provides information on alternative careers in applied mathematics. "In this guide, you will find answers to questions about careers in applied mathematics and computational science, and profiles of professionals working in a variety of environments for which a strong background in mathematics is necessary for success."...

Powers of Ten

"Powers of Ten", the film made by Charles and Ray Eames in 1977, takes the viewer from the core of an atom to the edge of the universe, moving 10 times further every 10 seconds. The film is about scale and how we view the universe and our place in it. Powers of Ten is an extremely valuable tool for teaching and understanding our world through the concept of scale. Although math is the most obvious...

Live Science: Technology

This website from Live Science provides current information on what is happening in technology. The site includes articles, countdowns, image albums, infographics, quizzes, references, wallpapers, and videos. 

Live Science: Topics

This website from Live Science looks at latest news and/or inventions for many different topics. Topics include: Nanotechnolgy, Science, Robots, Biotechnology, Inventions, Technology and more. Each page includes a collection of resources on each topic.

Cultivating Careers: Professional Development for Campus IT

This book, edited by Cynthia Golden, discusses principles and practices for mentoring and developing IT professionals. The book includes a Table of Contents and the following sections: Foreword, Preface: A Commitment to Professional Development, Acknowledgements, Chapter 1: Perspectives on IT Leadership, Chapter 2: A Comprehensive Approach to Professional Development for an IT Staff, Chapter 3:...

PhysOrg - Latest Science and Technology News

This website is a science, research, and technology news service that covers a wide range of topics. Topics include physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

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