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Engineering Technologies -- Materials technologies


Screenshot for Iron and Steel–Properties and Applications
This document provides a learning module on iron and steel for use in materials education. The lesson examines the basic properties of iron and steel and includes discussions, demonstrations and suggested optional classroom activities. The materials can be covered in one to two class periods.
Screenshot for Titanium, Aluminum or Steel?
This document provides a learning module on the basic differences between metal types and how to test metals. The lesson includes demonstrating the spark test to students so that they may see the "Visible result of the carbon content in steel, and the lack of carbon in other materials, plus realize...
Screenshot for Tempered For Safety
This document provides a learning module on tempered safety glass. In this activity, instructors demonstrate the fracture toughness of tempered glass, thereby illustrating how the glass is toughened and introducing the concept of the fractography of glass. It can be used in classrooms from...
Screenshot for Materials Processing - A Piece of Cake!
This lesson plan, which has been used in a college level materials processing laboratory course, looks at the concept of processing-structure-property relationships. "The students baked cakes at the beginning of the semester and studied them as an introduction to the course. The activity was...
Screenshot for The Materials in Your New TV: The Liquid Crystal Display
This module introduces the liquid crystal display, including glass substrates, electronics and liquid crystals. Learning objectives include explaining the components of the LCD system, describing the process of making LCD glass, illustrating a typical glassy structure, defining a liquid crystal, and...
This PDF document from Edmonds Community College describes career pathways related to materials science. Jobs described include composite manufacturing technician, quality and testing technician and composite assembly technician. The document would be useful for materials science instructors and...
Screenshot for MatEd National Resource Center: Student Resources
This webpage from MatEd National Resource Center provides a collection of online resources which will be useful for students in a number of materials engineering disciplines. The links include career resources, reference websites and other good sources for general information.
Screenshot for MatEdU National Resource Center: Core Competencies
This webpage from MatEdU's National Resource Center provides a set of core competencies for a variety of fields related to materials engineering. The documents on the website fall under the categories of maritime, nanotechnology, and gap analysis. The documents are available for download in DOC and...
This webpage from Edmonds Community College provides a brief introduction to the topic of general materials science. "Materials science focuses on the relationship between the atomic and molecular structure of a material, the properties of the material (such as strength, electrical conductivity or...
Screenshot for Types of Materials
This webpage from Edmonds Community College provides a brief introduction to a number of core materials including ceramics, composites, concrete, electronic/optical, metals, polymers/plastics and wood.
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