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Mike Qaissaunee, an Associate Professor of Engineering and Technology at Brookdale Community College, is the author of this blog and "shares his experiences and perspectives on integrating new technologies in and approaches to teaching and learning." Qaissaunee's blog, titled "Frequently Asked Q,"...
Karl Kapp, a professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, is the author of this blog and "discusses issues concerning learning, e-learning and the transferring knowledge from retiring baby boomers to incoming gamers. The goal is to share information and knowledge...
Screenshot for Jet Propulsion Laboratory Robotics Website
This website, from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, describes the activities of the Mobility and Robotic Systems Section, as well as related robotics efforts around the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Flight projects, applications, and research tasks of the section are all detailed. There are also...
This website, from the Maui Economic Development Board, provides resources to connect educators and industry partners to build Hawaii's STEM workforce and encourage girls to engage and feel welcome in the science, engineering, technology, and math fields. The website contains extensive information...
DO-IT serves to increase the success of people with disabilities, especially in fields where they have traditionally been underrepresented, such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. DO-IT uses technology to maximize the independence, productivity, and participation of students with...
Screenshot for New Formulas for America's Workforce 2: Girls in Science and Engineering
This book from the National Science Foundation (NSF) discusses NSF grant programs that study gender diversity in science and engineering education and is provided free for download. The books includes an introduction, seven chapters, an appendix and index. The chapters are: Changing Stereotypes,...
This page from the National Center for Welding Education and Training (WELD-ED) provides information on courses designed for "Professional Development of Welding Educators teaching secondary and post-secondary welding programs." The page includes descriptions for seven modules and links to...
Screenshot for Telecommunications: Twisted Pair Cable Noise Immunity
This online, interactive lesson provided by Wisc-Online and the National Science Foundation explains how data is transferred through electrical conductors and the various configurations in which one can find these conductors. This slideshow goes into detail about the reasoning behind twisting cables...
Screenshot for University of Vermont Environmental Safety
The UVM Environmental Safety site presents news, information, and services to support health and safety of laboratory personnel. While some of the site is geared toward UVM researchers, there is plenty of free information about chemical safety, biosafety, and waste disposal useful to students,...
Flinn Scientific is a leading source for science products, materials, and resources. This page presents free teacher resources in biology, chemistry, physical science, and earth science for middle school, high school, and community college educators. There are also a number of resource in safety,...
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