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Typical Automotive Manufacturing Technology Degree Requirements

This document from the Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM) provides the typical automotive manufacturing technology degree requirements. Actual classes will vary by institution. The requirements include general education classes as well as specialized automotive manufacturing coursework.
Automotive Manufacturing Scholarships

This page from the Consortium for Alabama Regional Center for Automotive Manufacturing (CARCAM) provides some information about scholarships in automotive manufacturing. The highlighted scholarship is only open to Alabama residents, but the page provides links to other scholarship opportunities.
Materials Science Pathways

This PDF document from Edmonds Community College describes career pathways related to materials science. Jobs described include composite manufacturing technician, quality and testing technician and composite assembly technician. The document would be useful for materials science instructors and students interested in materials-related careers.
FL-ATE Publications

This page presents the publications of the Florida Advanced Technological Education Center for Manufacturing (FL-ATE), including journal articles, online resources, and curriculum resources from 2006 to the present. Visitors will find materials on Best Practices for Student Robotics Camps, Manufacturing Career Pathways, and Florida-specific manufacturing resources.
Using Remote Sensing and GIS to Analyze NDVI Values for Darfur, Sudan

Learning Unit Description: Integrated Geospatial Education and Technology Training (iGETT) presents a series of Learning Units (LU) designed to incorporate federal land remote sensing data into Geographic Information Systems (GIS) instruction. This LU focuses on what likely caused the crisis in Darfur, Sudan, a conflict between farmers needing water for their crops and nomads needing water for...

The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy

This paper, by Stephen J. Ezell and Robert D. Atkinson and published by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, presents a national manufacturing strategy for the U.S.. The Paper focuses on three key questions: 1) Does the United States need a healthy manufacturing sector? 2) How healthy is U.S. manufacturing at the moment and for the foreseeable future? 3) Does the United States need...
Implementing Safety Management Systems for Aviation into an Aviation Technology Curriculum

While the concept of safety in risk-sensitive industries such as aviation is familiar, organizations still struggle to define and practice effective safety principles on a daily basis, given the dynamic and inherent nature of aviation hazards. This has given rise to the concept of a systems approach to safety and referred to by global standards and regulatory bodies as safety management systems...
Made In Florida YouTube Channel

The Florida Advanced Technological Education Center (FLATE) project, Made in Florida, supports educating students for manufacturing careers in Florida. This is Made In Florida's YouTube channel, and it features videos on the project itself, manufacturing career options, robotics competitions, and conferences like HI-TEC which support industry-informed workforce development.
Affinity Chromatography

Using exposition, graphics, and commercial videos, this module teaches the history, theory, and application of affinity chromatography in the characterization of proteins, nucleic acids, and other biochemical/biomedical systems. Problems and application examples support the tutorial material. The Theory sections also presents a helpful bibliography of further reading material.

The North Carolina Community College System BioNetwork's interactive eLearning tools (IETs) are reusable chunks of training that can be deployed in a variety of courses or training programs. IETs are designed to enhance, not replace hands-on training. Learners are able to enter a hands-on lab experience better prepared and more confident. This particular IET delves into Spectrophotometry, where...
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