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View Resource A Classroom/Distance Learning Engineering Course on Wireless Networking with Virtual Lab

Paper presents the design of an engineering course on "Wireless Networking" in a traditional classroom /distance learning format. The paper will also show that how classroom learning can be enhanced by making available to learners the classroom lecture in audio /video/pdf format from anywhere and at all times on demand. This technology enables the distant, absent and those students who have lost...

View Resource A Collaborative "How To": Making Engineering Interesting to Middle and High School Students

The US has seen a recent shortage of engineers and the outlook of those interested in the field looks bleak. The shortage is due in part to the baby-boomer generation of manufacturing and engineering workers retiring. However, the stigma surrounding manufacturing and engineering as "boring" or "too difficult" cannot be ignored. Now is the time for those in industry and academia to find...

View Resource A New Approach to Soil Mechanics Laboratory Curricula: Incorporating the BOK into a Workshop Orientated Laboratory

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has recognized the need for change in how current undergraduate education is conducted to better prepare civil engineers for the 21st century. ASCE has developed an educational plan titled, "Civil Engineering Body of Knowledge for the 21st Century: Preparing the Civil Engineer for the Future" (BOK) which encompasses twenty-four learning outcomes...

View Resource A Web-based Interactive Roadmap Facilitating Self-learning from CAD Modeling to Rapid Prototyping

Conventional self-learning materials, such as textbook and presentation slides, provide a one way and one dimensional information flow (i.e. from the first page to the last page). Interactive learning tools, such as computer programs, deliver a more encouraging learning environment, especially for the younger generation. Young students tend to be attracted to interactive web-based programs which...

View Resource Adjusting the Curriculum in the Fluid Mechanics Course by Modifying the Laboratory Setting

Many fluids laboratory facilities and their associated student laboratory experiences were built back in the 1960-1970 time frames. They typically consisted of large facilities that included wind tunnels, flumes, wet wells, pump stations, etc. Today these laboratories are physically and pedagogically out dated and the need for laboratory space is forcing the closing of large scale laboratories....

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