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Screenshot O'Connell Colfax High School Design Tech Students Show How They Produce a Model Drag Race Car

At Colfax High School, students in the design tech program to develop a 1:20 scale electric dragster. The students cycle through four disciplines to craft their project in this video. One the discipline is Multi Media, where they create a Promotional Video for their race team. This video is the result of that assignment.

Projects that Move Minds: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Integrated Curriculum

Through a grant secured by Sierra College, employers and educators formed the Sierra STEM Community Collaborative in 2008 to shape relevant, applied academic education and develop an integrated curriculum that prepares students for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The goal of this California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office grant is to strengthen education...

Screenshot Globalization Issues in the Industrial Technology Transfer Supply Chain

As more and more equipment and tools for manufacturing are produced in one country and used in another, differences between quality dimension standards and usage specifications become apparent. Some differences impact the ability to use these technologies and equipment. Differences such as product/service requirements, regulations, standards, and societal expectations of each of the...

Engineering for Change: Providing Engineers and Problem Solvers a Way to Contribute Technical Skills and Know-How to Communities That Need It Most

Engineering for Change was conceived as an online community dedicated to providing solutions to fundamental quality-of-life challenges in underserved communities throughout the world. Our vision is to enable information-sharing, collaboration and interaction among organizations working "in the field," and problem solvers registered on the site. The curricula are aligned with public education...

Screenshot Example of a Lab in Advanced Mechatronics at Placer High School

An example of a lab in Advanced Mechatronics at Placer High School. Each tracker will individually track the sun via inputs from various sensors. In this video, 18 trackers are hooked together via serial communications. All are tracking off one "master" while the others act as "slaves". Each tracker is controlled by a picaxe 20M microcontroller. Each tracker is 100% student built, wired, and...

Screenshot Tech-Explorer: Projects That Move Minds

CACT Tech-Explorer turnkey projects make it easy for teachers to move students' minds by introducing hands-on fabrication techniques. The impetus behind the project is to inspire young people to consider careers in the design, manufacturing and repair of automated equipment. Manufacturers are seeking employees with technical skills and there is a serious shortage of students in the pipeline to...

Screenshot A 2.4 GHz High Performance CMOS Sub- Harmonic Mixer

In this paper a low power CMOS sub-harmonic mixer based on the Gilbert cell for 2.4 GHz ISM band application is presented, in which the position of the switching and transconductance stages of mixer has been exchanged. A tuning out inductor has been used between the RF and LO switching stages to improve the linearity and noise figure, and also to enhance the conversion gain of the Mixer. The...

Screenshot A Classroom/Distance Learning Engineering Course on Wireless Networking with Virtual Lab

Paper presents the design of an engineering course on "Wireless Networking" in a traditional classroom /distance learning format. The paper will also show that how classroom learning can be enhanced by making available to learners the classroom lecture in audio /video/pdf format from anywhere and at all times on demand. This technology enables the distant, absent and those students who have lost...

Screenshot Manufacturing Strategy For Jobs and a Competitive America

Manufacturing Strategy for Jobs and a Competitive America prompts political leaders to consider the big picture- what it will take for manufacturers in the United States to succeed in the global marketplace. The Strategy explains in clear terms what is at stake for manufacturing in the United States and provides a roadmap for policies that will enable manufacturing to create jobs and compete.

Screenshot International Partnerships in Engineering Education: American and African Perspectives

Universities the world over are increasingly moving to establish international partnerships in their education and research programs. This growing trend is fuelled by many factors including the need to give their students the education they require to function in an increasingly globalized world. In this paper, the two authors share their experiences gained in serving as key participants in...

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  1. Automotive Manufacturing Technical Education Collaborative (AMTEC)
  2. Southeast Maritime and Transportation (SMART) Center
  3. Laser and Fiber Optics Regional Center
  1. Regional Center For Nuclear Energy Education and Training (RCNET)
  2. DeafTEC: Technological Education Center for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students
  3. Center for Aviation and Automotive Technology Education using Virtual E-School (CA2VES): A Resource to Meet Technician Workforce Needs

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  1. Exploring Biotechnology: A Pathway to Prosperity in Rural and Urban Oregon
  2. The Technician of the Future: Mechatronics as a Statewide Transferable Skill Set Supporting Green Industry
  3. Establishing an Instrumental Pathway Partnership between UMET, Institutos Tecnologicos de Puerto Rico and Industry
  1. Recruitment and Retention for Community Colleges Program
  2. Tropical Ornamental Mariculture Technician Certificate
  3. Developing the Digital Technologist for the New Millennium