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Screenshot Task Diminishment: Construction Value Loss Through Sub-Optimal Task Execution

Ledbetter & Burati [1] defined quality as "conformance to requirements". This definition assumes that a requirement has been communicated, and mutually accepted by the contract purchaser and the contract holder. This research describes the persistent, or undiscovered and un-restored lack of conformance to requirements as value loss in the delivered project. Construction value is lost through...

Screenshot Global Trends in Patenting

The United States' historical dominance in the issuance of patents is being threatened. In the United States, a patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor, issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Patents for inventions filed in the world's three largest markets, the United States, European Union, and Japan, are the most valued. These triple-filed patents are...

Screenshot A Classroom/Distance Learning Engineering Course on Wireless Networking with Virtual Lab

Paper presents the design of an engineering course on "Wireless Networking" in a traditional classroom /distance learning format. The paper will also show that how classroom learning can be enhanced by making available to learners the classroom lecture in audio /video/pdf format from anywhere and at all times on demand. This technology enables the distant, absent and those students who have lost...

Screenshot Globalization Issues in the Industrial Technology Transfer Supply Chain

As more and more equipment and tools for manufacturing are produced in one country and used in another, differences between quality dimension standards and usage specifications become apparent. Some differences impact the ability to use these technologies and equipment. Differences such as product/service requirements, regulations, standards, and societal expectations of each of the...

Screenshot A 2.4 GHz High Performance CMOS Sub- Harmonic Mixer

In this paper a low power CMOS sub-harmonic mixer based on the Gilbert cell for 2.4 GHz ISM band application is presented, in which the position of the switching and transconductance stages of mixer has been exchanged. A tuning out inductor has been used between the RF and LO switching stages to improve the linearity and noise figure, and also to enhance the conversion gain of the Mixer. The...

Screenshot Teaching Circuits to Multiple Disciplines: Hardware, Software, Both?

The importance of appropriate laboratory activities has long been recognized in electronics technology programs. With advances in simulation software, a study has been conducted to determine the effectiveness of utilizing software laboratories in lieu of or at least in addition to traditional hardware laboratory exercises. The study is carried out at a comprehensive regional institution using a...

Screenshot Planning of Non-Routine Work for Aircraft Scheduled Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) outsourcing has grown rapidly over the past few years with many airlines approaching more than 50 to 60 percent of their maintenance contracted to third-party operators. With MRO providers performing maintenance on several different airlines and aircraft types within the same hangar facilities, the standardization of maintenance practices and tasks...

Screenshot Development of a Research-oriented Wireless System for Human Performance Monitoring

Our goal is a flexible platform for human performance research that is configurable for a number of sensor types, provides various options for information processing, and is useful in various simple protocols. A first demonstration involves the use of a pair of six-degree of freedom sensors to monitor angular and translational physical motion in a research participant. The sensor units are...

Screenshot Risk Assessment of Highway Bridges: A Reliability-Based Approach

Many countries are currently experiencing deteriorating bridge networks due to aging and growth of vehicular loads in both magnitude and volume. Repair and rehabilitation are necessary to preserve the load capacity and service performance of these bridges. Highway bridges need to be assessed to identify the structurally deficient ones early. In this way, the state, local, and federal policymakers...

Screenshot An Evaluation of Privacy and Security Issues at a Small University

Colleges and universities process large amounts of personal information obtained from employees, students, and the general public. Such information includes income tax returns, employment history, salary, loans, and credit information provided by students and their parents. Additionally, data gathered from research, admissions records, medical files, and library access information are also...

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