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Annual Summer 2018 Workforce Internship Program Conference Agenda


SWIP for High School Students

  1. Avishek Mojumdar: Comparing the effects of chemical elements in Freshwater Soil and Wetland Soil
  2. Joshua Tsai: The Effects of Dissolved Nitrogen on Seasonal Hypoxia in the Long Island Sound
  3. Brianna Barrera: Antibiotic resistance in bacteria from animal origin vs non animal origin foods
  4. Timothy Foley: Studying the environmental factors influencing particulate matter concentration
  5. Ousmane Sow: Population Diversity of Miami, Florida
  6. Mei Shin Lee: The Correlation between Population Growth and Inhalable Particulate Concentration in New York City
  7. Shohag Islam: The Correlation between Household Income and Education Attainment in Different U.S. Regions
  8. Elisa Tilley: Food Deserts in NYC – America’s Silent Killer



SWIP for Undergraduate Students

  1. Mike Tejada: A Spatio-Temporal Study on Drug Overdose VS Elections in the United States
  2. Navado Wray: Raster Based Land Cover Classification of Multi-Resolution Satellite Data over the Bronx & Queens
  3. Shraman Sen: Demographic Changes and Spatial Correlations in Socio-Economic in New York City
  4. Camilo Martinez: Spatial Analyses of Open Source Data for Health Services
  5. Ality Aghedo: Microbial Diversity in Urban Environments: Concern for Antibiotic Resistance
  6. Jenat Fahima: Effectiveness of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Restoration Plantings
  7. Lorena Pardo: Using the AirBeam to Monitor Particulate Matter at a Public Transportation Hub in Jamaica, Queens (New York)
  8. Luz Arely Cadavid: Stormwater management Studies in New York City: How does flood affect the residents in South Jamaica, Queens?
  9. Meem Mahmud: Phosphate levels of water and sink of the Long Island Sound


Summer Workforce Internship Program (SWIP)

This program is designed for students with previous experience in geospatial technology and is intended to build on students’ geospatial workforce skills and assist with interning with a Geospatial company.​

Professional Development Workshop for Educators

This program is designed to improve the educators’ disciplinary capabilities, teaching skills, and understanding of geospatial technologies, which will enable them to learn fundamental geospatial skills and integrate those skills into their classroom lessons.

Professional Development Workshop (PDW) for Educators from Middle and High Schools and Colleges

Director's presentation: 'Blending emerging technologies in teaching'

Geospatial Workshops

This program is designed to introduce Geospatial Technology to people with no experience in the field.

Geospatial Workshop for Middle Schools

Summer 2018