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Ongoing work with industry and educational representatives has voiced a strong need for more specific training on logistics security at all levels in the logistics workforce, as well as relevant, practical materials based on best practices and industry experiences. This project expands existing curricula to include more advanced topics and continuing education in direct response to industry demand and furthers collaborative efforts with other institutions. Working extensively with industry partners, this project is developing targeted learning materials that focus on the various strategies and best practices used to safely and securely transfer goods from the manufacturer to the consumer. Planned learning materials include curriculum modules, case studies and classroom exercises that focus on applied logistics and logistics security. Faculty from two other colleges are involved to identify and document relevant, comprehensive case and classroom exercise scenarios that enhance the learning experience by providing real-world, level-of-experience appropriate examples for students. These learning materials are being integrated into an existing logistics degree and certificate program. The dissemination of the developed materials, to other adopters who desire to use them in similar programs, is web-based. Curriculum modules focused on industry best practices in secure logistics are based on discussions with local and statewide transportation authorities, and in addition to being added to the existing program curricula and web-based resources, it is made available to local and statewide industry members for educating management as well as workers at all levels of the organization. On the site, visitors will find a number of useful classroom exercises, most in case study form.

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Award Number 1003507
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ATE Start Date 2010-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2014-06-30
ATE Principal Investigator Erika Bowles
Primary Institution Tacoma Community College
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