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Developing Undergraduate Research at Community Colleges: Tapping the Potential of All Students

This project is aiding in the development of undergraduate research at community colleges by developing and delivering workshops for community college administrators and faculty considering starting research programs. The workshops, specific to the needs of community colleges, are accompanied by supplementary web materials on funding undergraduate research and building a mentoring network of community college faculty. Over the three-year project period three workshops are being held in each of the north, east, south and west regions of the Country for a total of twelve workshops. The workshops are distributed over urban, suburban and rural districts. Three faculty members accompanied by an administrator represent each of the eight community colleges admitted to each workshop. On the site, visitors will find when and where the next workshop is being held, as well as how to participate.

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Award Number 0920083
ATE Principal Investigator Brent Cejda
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ATE Start Date 2009-10-01
ATE Expiration Date 2014-09-30
Primary Institution Council on Undergraduate Research
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