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BioMEMS Overview Learning Module

Module Description:

This module, from the Support Center for Microsystems Education (SCME), provides an introduction to BioMEMS including the emergence of BioMEMS into MEMS technologies and the major characteristics of BioMEMs. "This learning module explains what "BioMEMS" are and how they are used today in different fields. An activity provides the opportunity to reinforce the importance of BioMEMS, where they are used, and the endless possibilities of future BioMEMs devices."

Module Contents:

This module includes four instructor guides, three participant guides, and a presentation. PDF and DOC versions are provided for all of the guides. The instructor and participant guides include BioMEMS Overview Primary Knowledge, Activity, and Assessment. Instructor guides include additional content such as instructor notes and questions and answers. A Learning Module Map (LM) Instructor Guide is also included. 

The LM map includes information about the module including module contents, target audience, and a map that is divided into the following sections: Important Steps, Key Points, and Reasons. 

BioMEMS Overview Primary Knowledge is an instructional unit that discusses the following topics:

  • The definition of BioMEMS including the distinction between MEMS devices used for biological procedures (e.g., drug delivery) and those that utilize biological molecules in their operation (e.g., virus detection).
  • The importance of BioMEMS in advancing global health and applications necessary for understanding biological systems.
  • The broad applications for BioMEMS technology.

The following sections are included in this unit guide: Introduction, Objectives, MEMS vs. BioMEMS, BioMEMS Glucose Sensors with Microtransducer, BioMEMS Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Glucose Sensor and Micropump, Advancing Technologies, Shrinking Technologies, Enabling Technologies, Point-of-Care (POC) Devices, and many more. 

The BioMEMS Overview Activity has students "create a bioMEMS illustration that demonstrates [their] knowledge of areas in which bioMEMS are currently used and have the potential to be used."

The BioMEMS Overview Assessment includes 10 questions and may be used as both a pre-test and post-test. 

A PowerPoint presentation is also provided and includes a unit overview, objectives, a list of what students will learn and a list of why this knowledge is important, and more. Three different versions of the presentation are included. 

For orientation purposes the 'App_BioOverview_P1_LM_Map' PDF is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this module.

Below is a list of files included in the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

BioMEMS Overview (21 files, 12.8 MB)

  • Instructor Guides
    • PDFs
      • Learning Module Map (App_BioOverview_P1_LM_Map.pdf 114 KB)
      • Primary Knowledge Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_PK10_IG.pdf 1.9 MB)
      • Assessment Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_FA10_IG.pdf 108 KB)
      • Activity Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_AC10_IG.pdf 112 KB)
    • Word Docs
      • Learning Module Map (App_BioOverview_P1_LM_Map_August2017.docx 27 KB)
      • Primary Knowledge Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_PK10_IG_August2017.docx 1.5 MB)
      • Assessment Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_FA10_IG_August2017.docx 44 KB)
      • Activity Instructor Guide (App_BioMEM_AC10_IG_August2017.docx 44 KB)
  • Participant Guides
    • PDFs
      • Primary Knowledge Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_P1_PK10_PG.pdf 1.9 MB)
      • Assessment Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_FA10_PG.pdf 103 KB)
      • Activity Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_AC10_PG.pdf 107 KB
    • Word Docs
      • Primarry Knowledge Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_P1_PK10_PG_August2017.docx 1.5 MB)
      • Assessment Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_FA10_PG_August2017.docx 42 KB)
      • Activity Participant Guide (App_BioMEM_AC10_PG_August2017.docx 42 KB)
  • Presentations
    • Overview Presentation (BioMEMS_Overview_presentation_narrated.pptx 994 KB)
    • Overview Presentation (BioMEMS_Overview_presentation.pdf 2.8 MB)
    • Overview Presentation (BioMEMS_Overview_presentation.pptx 1.3 MB)
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