Sanitation Processes: Distribution Logistics Technician Program


This collection, made available by Maricopa County Community College District, provides instructional information on sanitation in the United States. The information in this collection will enable students to: Identify importance of sanitation as part of supply chain system, understand sanitation guidelines and standards, explain the top three priorities for a Sanitation Technician, explain proper rack cleaning processes, state Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and more.

Resources include a presentation, two lab activities, an instructor guide, a student guide, a case study, and a quiz.

The Sanitation Processes presentation provides an overview of sanitation processes. Topics covered include: Supply Chain System, Systems Thinking Defined, Key Characteristics of a System, Collection Versus Systems, Sanitation Guidelines, and more. 

The laboratory activities introduce students to green solutions. The first lab includes a list of online resources for students to analyze and the second lab is a checklist students can use to assess a facility. 

The instructor and student guides provide detailed information about sanitation processes in the United States. Sections of the guides include: Introduction, Objectives, Overview - Systems Thinking and Sanitation Guidelines, Sanitation Guidelines - Three Top Priorities, Systems Structure Perspective, and more. 

The case study features a description of a sanitation issue and three questions for students to answer. The collection also includes the Sanitation Processes Assessment with an answer key. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis.

Sanitation_Process (8 files, 13.6 MB)

  • Case Study (CASE STUDY.doc 53 KB)
  • Sanitation Processes: Distribution Logistics Technician Program (Distribution Logistics Technician Program Revised.ppt 7.8 MB)
  • Go "Green" Lab 1 (GO GREEN LAB 1.doc 21 KB)
  • Go "Green" Lab #2 (GO GREEN LAB 2.doc 28 KB)
  • Sanitation Process Assessment - Score Sheet and Student Copy (SANITATION PROCESS ASSESSMENT.doc 50 KB)
  • Instructor Guide: Sanitation Processes (SANITATION PROCESSES Instructor Guide.docx 2.8 MB)
  • Sanitation Processes (SANITATION PROCESSES Student Guide2.docx 2.8 MB)
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