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Solid State Instructor and Student Guides: The Role of Devices in Systems Lab


This lab activity is provided by Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) and is intended to demonstrate, through reverse engineering, some of the features electronic devices need to perform. This activity includes the following sections: Purpose, Systems Rationale, Systems Concepts, Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills, Learning objectives, Process Overview, Lab Preparation and Activity Sequence, Introduction, Execution of Lab Activity, and more. This collection includes a student version and an instructor version of the lab. 

Learning objectives for this activity include:

  • Identify typical components on a complex circuit board.
  • Recognize special functional features such as rf circuits and power management.
  • Know and recognize the signal, power and ground lines with associated components.
  • Classify IC functions, packages and board assembly techniques.
  • Resale the behavior of a complex function to its block diagram and board layout.
  • Use the skills to navigate the layout of a board that has not been seen before.
  • Explain the outcomes for a non-expert. 
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