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DC/AC Student Guide: Voltmeter System and Design Testing Lab


This lab activity is provided by Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC) and is intended to bring together all the principles and laws of series circuits. In this lab students will design, construct, and test a multi-range voltmeter. In the process of doing this lab activity, the principles of Ohm's Law, Watt's Law, Kirchhoff's Series Circuit Laws, and the basic operation of an analog and a digital meter movement will be reviewed and emphasized. The interrelationships between various parts will be highlighted and a basic voltage measurement system will be constructed and tested.

This activity includes the following sections: Purpose, Systems Rationale, System Concepts, Student Learning Outcomes, Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills, Learning Objectives, Process Overview, Equipment and Supplies, Special Safety Requirements, Lab Preparation, Introduction, and more. 

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