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Preparing Energy Technicians for the 21st Century Workforce


This 40-page report, provided by the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center (ATEEC), documents discussions from the National Energy Technician Education Summit held in December 2010 in Washington DC and supported by the National Science Foundation. The report provides recommendations from energy experts and stakeholders from across the country for the facilitation of energy technician education in the U.S. Discussion centers on current and projected industry needs, financial opportunities and constraints, and enhancements to the technician educational programs that provide the energy industry with their workforce. 

This report includes a table of contents and the following sections: Executive Summary; Introduction; Traditional Energy resources; Renewable Energy Resources; Energy Efficiency in Building technologies; Transportation and Fuels; Chart: Critical Skills, Job Growth, and Future Trends; Chart: Fastest-Growing Regional Energy Jobs; Key Discussions and Recommendations; Summary; and Acknowledgments. 

Some of the key discussions and recommendations include the following: What are the biggest growth areas for technicians nationally in all of the energy fields?, What are the top technical and employability skills that energy technicians need now, and five years from now?, How can funding organizations invest strategically to support the emerging and future needs for energy technician education?, and more.

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