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ELEC 2914: Electric Vehicle Data Acquisition, Sensors and Control Systems

    This three credit course offered at Macomb Community College emphasizes the architecture of automotive electronics with attention to electric vehicles and is a required course for MCC’s Electric Vehicle Development Technology Certificate. Topics included are a review of electrical and electronics theory, vehicle network theory, vehicle controllers, automotive bus systems, On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) systems, controller area network (CAN), sensors, actuators, and selected topics in power control. Using simulators, students can gain a broad knowledge of the networks used in an automotive system. Included educational materials for this course are classroom exercises, manuals, PowerPoint presentations, system specific guides, and syllabus. Homework assignments and exams are not included. The course outline is as follows: electrical and electronic systems in a vehicle, networking principles, vehicle network, bus systems, electronics systems architecture, electronic components in vehicles, control unit, automotive sensors, sensor measuring principles, sensor types, actuators, vehicle electrical systems, vehicle controllers, vehicle On-Board Diagnostics (OBD), and hybrid drives.

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