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Funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education (MatEdU) has compiled online peer-reviewed resources specific to Materials Technology with the aim of "developing a clearinghouse of teaching materials for the broad field of materials technology." Their aim is to "provide faculty with easy and direct access to available curriculum" as well as materials, media, and concepts. Such resources include activity suggestions and reviews, published papers, explanatory websites and multi-media examples. Although this website's target audience is made up of teachers, students will also benefit greatly from this government-funded resource, as it provides definitions, introductions, and project ideas suitable for students in high school, college, and even graduate school.

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Award Number 0501475, 0903112, 1400619
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ATE Start Date 2005-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2020-07-31
ATE Principal Investigator Imelda Cossette
Primary Institution Edmonds Community College
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