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Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC)


Broadening Advanced Technological Education Connections (BATEC) seeks to "develop and promote a coordinated, self-sustaining, regional education and workforce development system for IT." In order to fulfill that goal, the BATEC website provides a close collaboration between industry and classroom, educational flexibility, and long-term sustainability. Specifically, this website provides IT support, training, job placement, and constant communication with corporations to maintain high quality training standards that will translate well into the workforce. The resources available from this collaboration usually take the form of conferences, institutes, and workshops. However, online resources are also available, especially in the "educators/faculty" section, which provides curricula development advice and training, articles, projects, and student leadership exercises. Such resources are ideal for both teachers and students seeking to ensure that classroom activities remain relevant to the marketplace.

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Award Number 0302912, 0703097, 1104145
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ATE Start Date 2003-05-15
ATE Expiration Date 2018-08-31
ATE Principal Investigator Deborah Boisvert
Primary Institution University of Massachusetts Boston
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