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RCNET Comprehensive Teaching Toolkit: Operations


Program Description:

Comprehensive Teaching Toolkits, published by the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) provide materials needed to completely teach classes with preselected ACADs. Accredited utility training programs are based off of training and qualification guidelines (ACADs) published by the National Academy for Nuclear Training. Toolkits include Power Points, handouts, teacher guides, links to other resources, and test banks and are organized around courses originally taught at RCNET partner institutions. 

Please see the RCNET: Comprehensive Teaching Toolkits catalog record for more information and additional resources in this series. 

This Operations Teaching Toolkit is drawn from curriculum taught in the Nuclear Systems Technology program at Midlands Technical College, a training program at the Southern Nuclear Company, and a training course from Energy Northwest on analysis of the Fukushima accident.

Toolkit Contents:

This RCNET Toolkit is organized in three courses: Midlands Tech NET-122 Components, Southern AP1000 Training, and Energy Northwest Fukushima Accident Analysis.

Midlands Tech NET-112 Components is a study of basic nuclear power plant components including sensors, detectors, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, demineralizers, ion exchangers, and other related systems.

Southern AP1000 Training covers design basics, major components, and flow paths of containment systems, passive containment cooling systems, and passive core cooling systems.

Energy Northwest Fukushima Accident Analysis contains one PowerPoint Presentation that covers the classification of nuclear accidents, nuclear accident phases, emergency planning, response to nuclear accidents, and applicable lessons learned from the Fukushima Daiichi Power Station accident.

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