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The Florida Advanced Technology Education Center for Manufacturing is dedicated to the creation of a manufacturing education system that offers "technical programs, curriculum development, best practice demonstrations, and student training" required to create a workforce with high performance skills to fill the needs of the ever-growing manufacturing industry. To that end, its website provides multimedia projects and activities as well as faculty support that help develop current skills which are in demand in the industry. These projects and activities could be used in large lecture courses or in small groups. This website would be ideal for teachers seeking to update or create from scratch manufacturing courses, and for students seek to develop a skill set that will be required of them in the job market.

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Award Number 0402215, 0802436, 1204751
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ATE Start Date 2004-07-01
ATE Expiration Date 2020-06-30
ATE Principal Investigator Marilyn Barger
Primary Institution Hillsborough Community College
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