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This collection includes a course outline and a syllabus that provide an overview of the Biotechnology I course taught at Los Angeles Mission College. In this course, "students examine the fundamentals of cellular and molecular biology and are introduced to basic biotechnology laboratory skills, including documentation, safety, solution and buffer preparation, quality control and bioethics. Students develop proficiency in aseptic technique, spectrophotometry, microscopy and centrifugation."

Topics covered in this course include laboratory math, atomic and molecular structure, the scientific method, macromolecules and polymers, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and enzymes, nucleic acids, prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell biology, gene expression, microscopy, centrifugation, bacteria, bioethics, pH and buffers, and many more. Each topic listed in the course outline is accompanied by a course objective. 

The 19-page outline includes the following sections: Basic Course Information, Course Content and Objectives, Relationship to College Programs, Articulation Information, Supplemental Course Information, Approval Status, Approval Information For New or Added Courses, Addenda.

The 7-page syllabus includes the following sections: Student Learning Outcomes, Course Description, Course Objectives, Required Books and Materials, Course Grade, Attendance Policy, Recommendations For Success, Special Accommodations, Important Websites, College Resources For Students, Code of Honor and Integrity, and Course Schedule. 

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