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NANO 250 Internship Course


Course Description

This NANO 250: Capstone / Practicum course was developed by North Seattle College and was intended to provide students with the opportunity to work in a high tech environment while learning useful on-the-job skills. The course includes the following objectives:

  • To make contacts in industry and academia and speak knowledgeably with them about micro and nano technologies.
  • To demonstrate proficiency in working in controlled environments (chemical, biological or cleanroom) and in techniques required for nano or micro technology applications.
  • To document techniques, such as by writing standard operating procedures.
  • To present results in and conclusions in a report format.

Course Contents

Course materials include a course syllabus and nine internship related PDF documents. The 4-page syllabus includes a course description, course objectives, a description of sponsor documents, and a course schedule. Other materials include sponsor documents that were intended to complete during the internship.

For orientation purposes "SHINE_NANO Internship Program_NANO Internship Program Syllabus" PDF is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this course. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachment. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

SHINE Intership program (11 files, 2.6 MB)

  • Final Work Log (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Final Worklog.pdf 303 KB)
  • Intern Performance Evaluation (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Intern Performance Evaluation.pdf 396 KB)
  • Next Steps: Setting Up an Internship (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Internship Process for Host Sites.pdf 95 KB)
  • Internship Site Form (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Internship Site Form 2016-2017.pdf 260 KB)
  • Learning Objectives Agreement (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Learning Objectives.pdf 100 KB)
  • Midterm Work Log (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Midterm Worklog.pdf 303 KB)
  • Nano 250: Capstone / Practicum Syllabus (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_NANO Internship Program Syllabus.pdf 176 KB)
  • Internship Training Agreement (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_NANO Training Agreement.pdf 392 KB)
  • Internship Program Position (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Position Description.pdf 291 KB)
  • Performance Evaluation (SHINE_NANO Internship Program_Student Worksite Evaluation.pdf 305 KB)
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