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Module Description:

This module, created by the Center for Nanotechnology Education (Nano-Link), introduces students to "micelles and the concept of critical micelle concentration (CMC)." During the module learning activity students experiment with micelle formation using a surfactant and dye. 

Learning outcomes for the module are:

  • Explore the phenomenon of self-assembly on the nanoscale.
  • Learn about the concept of CMC and its practical relevance in drug delivery.

Module Contents:

This module includes an instructor guide and presentation slides.

The 15-page instructor guide includes an abstract, learning outcomes, prerequisites, learning activity description and procedure, discussion questions, and more. The presentation slides provide background information on micelles for the learning activity, including the following topics: Hydrophilic Versus Hydrophobic Substances, Detergents, Micelles, Applications to Biology, Importance of Water in Biological Systems, Drug Delivery, and more. 

Versions in Spanish are also included for the module documents. 

For orientation purposes Micelles Module - Nano-Link.docx is included as a separate attachment and offers a sample of the type of material included in this module. 

Below is a list of the files contained within the .zip attachments. The size of each file is included in parenthesis. 

Micelles (3 files, 1.1 MB)

  • Micelles Background Slides (Micelles Background Slides - Nano-Link.pptx 496 KB)
  • Micelles Module (Micelles Module - Nano-Link.docx 608 KB)

Micelles (Spanish) (5 files, 12.6 MB)

  • Micelas (Micelas - Nano-Link.pdf 551 KB)
  • Micelas (Micelas - Nano-Link.pptx 4.9 MB)
  • Micelas (Micelas -Nano-Link.docx 502 MB)
  • Micelas (Presentación - Micelas - Nano-Link.pdf 6.7 MB)
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