This resource, published by Georgia Tech Research Institute, features an ecology and data visualization activity designed for seventh graders. In this activity, students color-code and quantify data from images of coral to evaluate the health of coral impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The module covers basic ecology "concepts of ecosystems, abiotic and biotic factor, and benthic environments." Additionally, students learn to "define and quantify data as well as differentiate between temporal and spatial data." The activity meets the following learning requirement:

  • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to examine the interdependence of organisms with one another and their environments.

The activity is divided into seven sections that last six class periods. The prep guide includes materials needed, planning, key questions and concepts, and grading opportunities for each section of the activity. The resource includes the following:

  • An 28-page curriculum booklet with an annotated teacher's version
  • A 9-page teacher's prep guide
  • Materials list
  • An 15-page student worksheet packet
  • Coral images for the activity
  • Seven videos providing background on coral reefs and context around the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
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