This presentation discusses health ecosystem and technology trends and nano driven health scenarios. Current health systems will continue to evolve towards "Mobile Health Ecosystems" where in traditional practices are extended through mobile communication devices and secure, seamless networks. This trend is most apparent in United States and Europe. As an example, integrated wireless personal sensor networks will monitor vital signs and other physiological metrics and transfer data to a provider through a gateway device such as a mobile phone or a set top box. This health data combined with the consumers medical history will provide real-time communications, advice for preventive care, early warning of severe illnesses, and expert-guided patient-activated actions. Nanotechnology will be critical for mobile health monitoring by enabling wearable sensors with novel functionalities and higher sensitivity capable of conveniently and unobtrusively integrating into accessories and clothing. The benefits will be time- and cost- effective health system meeting the desires of the boomer population to maintain their active, mobile lifestyle and the aging population's desire for less burdensome practices.

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