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GeoTech Center is a National Center of Excellence from NSF's Advanced Technological Education initiative. Its goals are to: "Create a national clearinghouse of exemplary geospatial curriculum materials, resources and national services; Increase the capacity to educate geospatial technicians through new partnerships and collaborations; Increase the quantity, quality and diversity of geospatial technicians to meet U.S. workforce needs; Provide a unifying voice for geospatial technology education interests in organizations, industry and government; and Increase the number of community and technical college geospatial faculty and secondary school teachers participating in geospatial professional development."

Alternate Title Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence: Growing the Workforce
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Award Number 0801893, 1304591, 1644409, 1700496
Funding Status
ATE Start Date 2008-09-01
ATE Expiration Date 2022-06-30
ATE Principal Investigator Vincent DiNoto
Primary Institution Kentucky Community & Technical College System, Del Mar College (Former)
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