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In this activity, by the Concord Consortium's Molecular Literacy project, students are introduced to "key characteristics of 2D and 3D models as they are created and used in the Molecular Workbench Software. It ranges from 2D modeling of a superball to roving through 3-D molecules." The activity itself is a java-based interactive resource built upon the free, open source Molecular Workbench software. In the activity, students are allowed to explore at their own pace in a digital environment full of demonstrations, illustrations, and models they can manipulate. The content of the module is divided into seven pages: Designing a computer model, Running and visualizing the model, Extended visualization, Annotation and sharing, Using the model to do experiments, Modeling an atom, and 3D static models. In addition to the activity, visitors will find an overview of the activity and details of the central concepts.

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