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Achieving Technological Literacy in Arizona for Students and Teachers (ATLAST Project)

Achieving Technological Literacy in Arizona for Students and Teachers (AT LAST) focuses on increasing technological literacy in secondary education through a partnership involving the National Center for Teacher Education (NCTE) of the Maricopa County Community Colleges District in Arizona, the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction and the Educations Professions program, a statewide program that prepares high school students for careers in education. The project is providing professional development workshops for future and current teachers to enable them to better prepare their students for an increasingly technology-driven society. AT LAST is also collaborating with the Arizona Technology Council and several ATE centers and projects to ensure alignment with regional industry and adapt existing technology instruction for the workshops. Arizona high school teachers, community college teacher education faculty and future teachers (students in the Education Professions Program) are the primary recipients of the training. Learning objectives include knowledge about the regional technology industries and skills for using instructional technology to teach technological literacy and to align instruction with the current pace of technology advancement. The project is guided by ITEA standards and focuses on key technologies associated with rapid-growth industry in Arizona, including Microsystems, semiconductors, electronic instruments, biomedical devices, and nanotechnology. Teacher participants implement technological literacy curriculum and develop Web-published learning objects and e-portfolios with a focus on technological literacy. The project is conducting research in concert with training and evaluation to explore variables that affect technological literacy, guide future teacher training, and prepare an adoptable model.

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Award Number 0802487
ATE Principal Investigator Ray Ostos
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ATE Start Date 2008-05-01
ATE Expiration Date 2012-04-30
Primary Institution Maricopa County Community College District
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