About the ATE@20 Book

Welcome to the home page of ATE@20: Twenty Years of Advancing Technological Education. This project, jointly undertaken by ATE Central and the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Community and funded by the National Science Foundation, celebrates twenty years of ongoing educational innovation by the ATE community. It includes history, student success stories, interviews with important players, and connections to ATE industry partners across the United States and world.

In the book's introduction, George R. Boggs, President and CEO Emeritus of the American Association of Community Colleges and Superintendent President Emeritus of Palomar College in California, writes, "STEM technician careers are rewarding and job opportunities are plentiful. Encouraging students to pursue these careers is important for the future of our country." Inside the book, readers will find out about the many ways in which ATE is accomplishing this very task. Read about:

  • A biotechnology program project that influences teacher preparation throughout Texas.
  • A California community college educator who leveraged ATE grants to expand programs that help low-income students progress from developmental classes to high-tech careers.
  • How the acronym STEM got its start.
  • An Illinois educator's development of a national geospatial network from a small ATE grant.
  • Students who enjoy exciting careers in advanced technology fields like biotechnology and photonics.

This book is available free of charge to anyone who wishes to use it in conducting outreach around the ATE program's successes. Please email ate20@atecentral.net to order copies to distribute on your campus, to your industry partners, or elsewhere. In addition, you may wish to read the ATE Impacts blog each Monday for more stories about the fantastic work the ATE community does every day.

Below is an outline of stories covered in the first two chapters: 

1  History

  • The Scientific and Advanced Technology Act of 1992
  • ATE Structured as Program, Rather Than as Series of Grants
  • ATE Develops Technician Education Leaders
  • ATE Builds Capacity for Innovation at Community Colleges 
  • ATE's Role in the Naming of STEM

2  Robust Business and Industry Partnerships Distinguish ATE Program

  • MATE Center ROV Competitions Build Excitement for Marine Tech Careers 
  • Employer-Educator Alliance Promotes Use of ATE Curriculum
  • Nuclear Technician Career Appeals to Young Woman
  • ICT Center Collaboration Educates Technicians for Changes in Telecommunications Industry
  • Commercial Space Exploration Creates New Priorities for SpaceTEC

An electronic version (PDF) of the ATE@20 book
is available for download here.

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