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Start the new year off right by joining presenters Rachael Bower, Director/PI of ATE Central and Farra Trompeter, Vice President of communications firm Big Duck, for two upcoming free, live webinars held in January and February. In these webinars, the presenters will share ideas for how to create descriptive yet simple mission statements and tactics for optimizing your project or center’s outreach strategies.  

Tell a good story: Crafting Mission Statements and messages for your ATE project or center

Tuesday. Jan. 29, 1-2 pm ET

In this live webinar, Rachael and Farra will discuss how mission statement elements and messages from your project or center can be created to more effectively engage students, partners, funders, and other key external audiences. Read more about this webinar and enroll here

So many choices, so little time: Setting strategies to guide your tactics

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1-2 pm ET

Rachael and Farra will discuss how your project or center can optimize social media and communications channels, in addition to how to craft an outreach strategy while staying focused on which tactics are worth your time. Read more about this webinar and enroll here

To learn about all of the webinars hosted by ATE Central, check out our comprehensive webinar page

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