Report Shows Persistent yet Narrowing Gaps between Latinx and White California College Students

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Two male and one female student laugh while studying on a lawn.

The state of California has the largest population of undergraduate students in the country and is often at the forefront of education trends. A recent report from the Campaign for College Opportunity suggests that for the state’s Latinx students, enrollment at community colleges and four-year institutions has increased in recent years, but that policymakers need to continue to support efforts to close achievement gaps.

The report highlights positive findings, such as the fact that the percentage of Latinx “community college students taking and passing college-level math in their first semester,” has increased from 8% to 33%. However, among the negative findings are that nearly one-third of Latinx community college students do not find the support they need to transfer to four-year institutions.

Read the full report, State of Higher Education for Latinx Californians, or an overview of the findings in an article from Inside Higher Ed.

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