New Research: Public Perception of Community Colleges

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According to a New America survey, Americans express a higher level of comfort with their tax dollars supporting community colleges compared to other sectors of higher education, according to the findings of an annual survey by New America. The survey reveals that over 82% of respondents feel at ease with their taxpayer dollars contributing to community colleges, while the comfort level drops to 69% for public four-year universities. Additionally, a notable 58% of participants believe that public two-year colleges are underfunded by states and the federal government, in contrast to 50% who express the same sentiment for public four-year institutions.

Notably, there is a partisan divide in the survey results, with Democrats exhibiting greater support for both tax allocation and government funding toward community colleges compared to their Republican counterparts. This trend is consistent across both political groups, showcasing a shared sentiment that community colleges warrant increased financial support compared to public four-year institutions.

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