Alabama’s Community and Technical Colleges Enrollment Increases, Surpassing National Average

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Enrollment in classes across the Alabama Community College System is surging for the spring semester, marking the third consecutive year of statewide increases. Following a notable 6 percent rise in fall semester enrollment for academic and technical programs, reaching the highest level since 2017, the momentum continues into spring with registrations already showing a remarkable increase of over 17 percent compared to the same period last year. Notably, dual enrollment, allowing high school students to earn college credit, has seen a 17 percent increase from Fall 2022 to Fall 2023 and has risen more than 65 percent since 2015.

The growth is not limited to for-credit programs, as noncredit workforce-connected programs are also witnessing an uptick. Over 27,700 residents are participating in training programs that offer industry-recognized credentials within weeks, contributing to the state's workforce development. The Alabama Community College System's commitment to partnerships, wraparound services, scholarships, and career services is resonating with residents and employers, making it a vital resource in fulfilling local workforce needs. The chancellor emphasized that supporting communities has been the system's core mission for 60 years, and it will continue to provide education and services that align with the evolving demands of the workforce.

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