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Screenshot for Bridgerland’s Machining Troubleshooting Guidebook
This 25-page guidebook provided by Utah College of Applied Technology features a troubleshooting flowchart and nine troubleshooting guides designed to assist novice machinists in developing their troubleshooting skills. The material draws from the experience of expert machinists at Bridgerland...
Screenshot for Multi-axis Machining Operations Course
Course Description: In this course, developed by Utah College of Applied Technology, students learn the setup and operation of 3+2 and 5-axis milling machines. Topics covered include setup fundamentals, basic probing routines, filtering, setting tool and fixture offsets, dialing in a fixture,...
Screenshot for Process Control Course
Course Description: This course, developed by Utah College of Applied Technology, teaches students to apply practical theory using common and advanced measuring tools, such as a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) and a romer arm. The course requires that students have access to various tools...