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Advanced Manufacturing Technologies -- General manufacturing


Screenshot for Make a Vacuum Former
This video, presented by Make Magazine, shows a cheap and easy way to make 3D plastic forms like Storm trooper costumes and more. The cost for these 3D plastic forms is about twenty dollars. This video runs 5:36 minutes in length. 
CareerOneStop is an integrated suite of national web sites that help businesses, job seekers, students, and workforce professionals find employment and career resources. CareerOneStop is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor. This web site promotes its competency models and performance standards...
Screenshot for Automated Manufacturing Systems With PLCs
This web page, created by Hugh Jack of Grand Valley State University, provides free links to a 35-chapter text currently being used in an undergraduate controls course. The course and book focus on the Allen Bradley family of controllers, allowing for deeper coverage of the topic than most PLC...
Screenshot for Modeling Edging Forces in Skiing using Merchant's Theory for Metal Cutting
Modeling Edging Forces in Skiing using Merchant's Theory for Metal Cutting is a website with slides demonstrating how Merchant's Theory relates to skiing. Pictures and equations are used to demonstrate forces in skiing. The edge and lean angles are used to describe how these forces are developed....
Screenshot for Electric Pencil Sharpener: Process Planning
In this animated and interactive object, students view photos of an electric pencil sharpener as it is disassembled. The learning object is intended to prepare students to be able to identify the components and create an assembly process in a future activity.
Screenshot for From Art to Science in Manufacturing: The Evolution of Technological Knowledge
This paper, from Roger Bohn at the University of California, San Diego, "models knowledge about manufacturing methods as a directed graph of cause-effect relationships." The paper covers changes in knowledge over time, including the shift from art to science in technical and manufacturing knowledge.
Screenshot for How Products Are Made
How Products Are Made is a website that explains and details the manufacturing process of a wide variety of products. Organized in seven "volumes," products are listed alphabetically. Each product article then details, step-by-step, the processes and procedures used in manufacturing. Articles also...
Screenshot for NYSCATE Module Guide - Design for Manufacture
This module from the New York State Curriculum for Advanced Technological Education at Hofstra University explores the best way to manufacture an item and provides students with the opportunity to learn at a variety of levels about design for manufacturing. In it, students design a product to be...
In this lesson, students work in groups to create products that can help address everyday annoyances. They then design business plans for the manufacturing and marketing of their inventions.
This page, from Advance CTE, covers the National Career Clusters Framework for manufacturing. An organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction, the Career Clusters Framework provides a structure for essential knowledge and skills for 16 career pathways in technical education. This...
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